Pressure Measuring Equipment Calibration


From £20 + VAT

Pressure and Vacuum

Our pressure calibration experts are trained to calibrate all types of gauges, either at our lab or on site.

With highly accurate dead-weight testers and pressure comparator systems, our mobile calibration engineers and our main laboratory can calibrate pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and many other pressure indicators.

We calibrate Druck, Budenberg, Rosemount, Magnehelic, pressure meters, pressure transmitters, compound gauges, vacuum transmitters, digital pressure indicators, pressure calibrators and manometers.

Contact us to see how to get your equipment to us and your pressure gauge will be calibrated within 3 working days of receipt.


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Thorcal can test equipment manufactured by Budenberg, Druck, Wika, Digitron, Anton, Fluke and many more leading brands.

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We can help with

  • Pressure Gauges from £20
  • Vacuum Gauges from £20
  • Compound Gauges from £32
  • Torr Gauges from £32
  • Magnahelic Gauges from £32
  • Manometers from £32
  • Barometers from £32
  • Pressure Loggers from £32
  • Pressure Relief Valves from £POA
  • Digital Pressure Gauges from £POA
  • Druck DPIs from £POA
  • Pressure Calibrators from £50
  • Pressure Transmitters from £POA
  • Differential Pressure Gauges from £32
  • Pressure Meters from £32

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Pressure Gauges

All gauges are exercised throughout their full range several times prior to calibration, and checked with both rising and falling pressure to ensure no hysteresis is present and that internals of the instrument are undamaged. 


Low pressure manometers and differential manometers are checked on a precise pneumatic deadweight tester or compared to an accurate reference standard.

Digital Pressure Gauges

Digital pressure gauges are calibrated in exactly the same way as analogue gauges, although instruments are zeroed before calibration.

Barometer Calibration

Barometers are compared to a lab standard barometer at ambient atmospheric pressure.

Our Site Experience

Our site engineers are able to test from vacuum up to 100bar pneumatically, or 700bar hydrostatically in situ. We are experienced in pressure calibration on site at liquid storage sites, waste reclamation facilities, chemical production sites and food production sites.

Measurement Range and Capability

  • Accuracies 0.015% with primary standards
  • Accuracies to 0.05% with secondary standards
  • Range of -1bar to 1000bar

Dead Weight Tester calibration

We can provide traceable calibration of dead weight testers by comparison to a secondary standard reference gauge.