Dimensional Equipment Calibration


From £18 + VAT

Dimensional Measurement

All types of dimensional calibrations.

Our NPL trained metrology specialists are capable of calibrating your micrometers, calipers, gauge blocks and many more kinds of dimensional measuring equipment with ease.

We can calibrate your equipment on-site in our custom-built mobile calibration laboratories.

Contact us to see how to get your equipment to us and your measuring equipment with be calibrated within 3 working days of receipt.

Thorcal can test equipment manufactured by Mitutoyo, Starrett, Moore & Wright, Insize and many more leading brands.


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We can help with


  • Verniers from £18
  • Micrometers from £22
  • DTI Gauges from £24
  • Bore Micrometers from £POA
  • Optical Micrometers from £POA
  • Inside Micrometers from £22
  • Gauge Blocks from £POA
  • Pin Gauges from £POA
  • Protractors from £28
  • Engineers Levels from £45
  • Steel Rules from £18
  • Straight edges from £22
  • Shadowgraphs from £POA

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Micrometer Calibration

Micrometers are calibrated against UKAS calibrated gauge blocks in a controlled environment. We us a micrometer stand to minimise bodyheat transfer between the technician's hands and the unit under test. The measuring faces are cleaned and the zero is set, then the mic is tested at several points using known gauge block standards.


Vernier Caliper Calibration

Your caliper will be allowed to acclimatise in our dimensional laboratory, before being inspected for damage and checked against a master slip gauge set.


DTI Gauge Calibration

Depth and plunger dial gauges are tested on a fixed comparator and surface table against gauge blocks.


Protractor Calibration

Your protractor will be cleaned and compared against a set of calibrated angle blocks on a granite surface table

Straight Edge Calibration

Thorcal calibrate your straight edge or engineer's square for flatness and parallelism against a calibrated granite surface table.


Engineers Level Calibration

We can adjust and calibrate your engineer's level using a reflection test on a UKAS calibrated granite surface.


Gauge Block Calibration

Your precision gauge blocks are allowed to stabilise in our lab, before being cleaned and tested at several points against our calibrated micrometer set.