Environmental Calibration Services


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Environmental Calibration

Get your environmental test equipment calibrated in less than 3 working days.

Whether you are measuring pH or RH, our experienced calibration engineers will calibrate and certify your equipment in less than 3 working days.

Receive a calibration ceritifcate traceable to National Standards through our UKAS certified test equipment, sufficient to satisfy most ISO9001 audits.

We calibrate Fluke, Mettler Toledo, Hanna, Protimeter, Testo, Ideal and all major brands of environmental test equipment.

Never lose your calibration certificate again. Simply log on to our portal and view your certificate in PDF format from anywhere.




Contact us to see how to get your equipment to us and your equipment will be calibrated within 3 working days of receipt.

Alternatively, find out more about how we can save you downtime with a site visit.



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We can help with

  • pH Meters from £32
  • Moisture Meters from £32
  • Conductivity Meters from £32
  • RH / Humidity Meters from £32
  • TDS meters from £32

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pH Calibration

Do you work in the food or waste industry? Or do you need a reliable way to make sure your pH equipment is verified and accurate?

We'll check and adjust your pH meter against NIST or National Standards traceable lab standard materials. You then receive a full certificate of calibration.

Moisture Meter calibration

Our state of the art multi-product calibrators can simulate a range of moisture contents in order to calibrate your penetration or surface moisture meter.

Your moisture meter will be given a full certificate of calibration with results recorded.

Conductivity Calibration

Using traceable calibration standards, Thorcal will calibrate your conductivity meter and provide a calibration certificate.

Probes are first cleansed with deionised water to make sure they are free of contamination. 

Your meter is then adjusted against a known standard of known temperature.

Humidity Meter Calibration

Our lab is equipped with custom-built humidity test chambers, which are able to simulate humidities far below and above ambient conditions. 

Your meter or logger will be placed in the chamber and allowed to acclimatise once the desired set-point has been reached. This will then be compared with our reference standard for accuracy.