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From £18 + VAT

Calibration While You Wait


Get your 18th Edition Tester calibrated in less time than a haircut.

Our flagship while-you-wait service is available for calibration on any of your 18th Edition test equipment. Simply call ahead to book and we will test your multifunction, RCD, loop or insulation tester by appointment.

Receive a calibration ceritifcate traceable to National Standards through our UKAS certified test equipment, sufficient to satisfy your NICEIC or NAPIT audit

We calibrate Megger, Fluke, Metrel, Robin, Kewtech, Ideal and all major brands of electrical tester.

Never lose your calibration certificate again. Simply log on to our portal and view your certificate in PDF format from anywhere.


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Are you an electrical wholesaler? Talk to us about how we can offer you more than your existing supplier on your calibration days.

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We can help with


  • 18th Edition Testers from £40
  • Multifunction Testers from £40
  • RCD Testers from £32
  • Earth Loop Testers from £32
  • Insulation Testers from £32
  • PAT Testers from £55
  • Flash Testers from £55
  • Ductors from £32
  • Milliohmeters from £32
  • HV Testers from £55
  • Calibration Checkboxes from £75
  • Power Analysers from £55
  • Decade Boxes from £50
  • Process Calibrators from £45
  • Voltage Indicators from £24

* Excluding VAT


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Insulation Testers

  • Insulation Resistance Tester
  • Insulation & Continuity Tester
  • Megohmmeter

RCD Testers

  • RCD Tester

Loop & Earth Testers

  • Earth Ground Tester
  • Earth Tester
  • Earth Resistance Tester
  • Earth Loop Tester
  • Loop Impedance Tester
  • Earth Impedance Tester

Multifunction / Installation Testers

  • 16th Edition Tester
  • 17th Edition Tester
  • 18th Edition Tester
  • Multifunction Tester
  • Installation Tester
  • MFT

Phase Rotation Testers

  • Phase Rotation Equipment
  • Phase Rotation Tester
  • Motor Rotation Tester
  • 3 Phase Motor Rotation Tester
  • Single Phase Motor Rotation Tester
  • Sequence Tester

Calibration Checkboxes

  • Calibration Checkbox
  • Resistance Decade Box
  • Calibration Checker

PAT Testers

  • PAT Testing Equipment
  • PAT Tester
  • Portable Appliance Tester