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Light and Sound Calibration

We'll calibrate your light and sound measuring equipment.

Our experienced engineers can test all manner of light meters and lux meters. Sound level meters are tested against our UKAS calibrated equipment to ensure you have full traceability to National Standards.

Using our custom-built luminance chamber, your light meter will be compared against our master standard. Sound level meters are calibrated at two points, with atmospheric pressure compensated for.


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We calibrate equipment by RS, Testo, Castle Group, Casella, Tenma, Bruel and Kjaer.

Contact us to see how to get your equipment to us and your light meter or sound level meter will be calibrated within 3 working days of receipt.



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Light Meter Calibration

Using our custom-built luminance chamber, Thorcal will compare your unit to our reference standard up to 40000 lux.

Units are left to acclimatise in our laboratory before being placed in the chamber. Light of a known colour temperature is then applied at varying test points and the results recorded.

Sound Level Meter Calibration

Your sound level meter has known sound pressure applied at a known frequency by our state of the art UKAS calibrated sound level calibrator.

Atmospheric pressure must be compensated for, so readings are taken from our in-lab barometer and errors in sound pressure readings are corrected.